Since its inception in 2013, HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles have quickly risen to prominence as the preferred choice for shutter fabricators across the North-East. Known for its superior quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness, these profiles offer a range of benefits that make them stand out in the market. Let’s delve into what makes HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles exceptional and why they are the go-to option for many.

The Backbone of HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles: Tata Steel

At the heart of HK-Sagar’s excellence is the use of top-notch raw materials sourced exclusively from Tata Steel. This strategic partnership ensures that every profile, guide, and accessory meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Tata Steel’s reputation for producing robust and reliable steel products is reflected in every HK-Sagar profile.

Key Features of HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles

Smooth Grooves and Superior Surface Finish
One of the standout features of HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles is the smoothness of its grooves and the superior surface finish. This high-quality finish makes the profiles incredibly easy to fit and paint, reducing installation time and effort for fabricators.

Strength and Cost-Effectiveness
HK-Sagar profiles, made from cold-rolled (CR) and galvanised plain (GP) steel, are stronger than traditional patra profiles. The use of prime raw materials not only enhances the strength but also ensures that these profiles are more cost-effective per square foot compared to those made from patra scrap. This blend of strength and affordability makes HK-Sagar profiles a smart choice for any project.

Structure and Components of the Shutter
A typical HK-Sagar shutter comprises several key components that ensure its functionality and durability:

  • Bracket Plate: This component includes a cover sheet that protects the main body of the shutter.
  • Main Body: Made from high-quality galvanised shutter profiles, the main body forms the core structure, providing strength and stability.
  • Guides: Located on the borders, the guides ensure smooth and controlled movement of the shutter.
  • Lock Plate: The lock plate secures the shutter in place, enhancing security and reliability.

The HK-Sagar Advantage

Reliability and Trust
As an authorised dealer of Tata Steel and Tata Steel products, H. K. Sagar, based in Guwahati, Assam, ensures that customers receive only the best steel products and materials. This authorisation adds an extra layer of trust and reliability, knowing that the products are backed by one of the most reputable names in the steel industry.

Regional Availability
H. K. Sagar plays a crucial role in providing essential steel products and materials to the North-East region. Its presence ensures that high-quality shutter profiles and other steel products are readily available to meet the growing demands of the local market.


HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles exemplify the perfect blend of quality, strength, and affordability. With the backing of Tata Steel’s premium raw materials, these profiles offer unparalleled smoothness and ease of installation, making them a favourite among shutter fabricators. The robust structure and cost-effective nature of HK-Sagar profiles ensure they remain the top choice for all shutter needs in the North-East.

For those in the region looking for reliable, high-quality shutter solutions, H. K. Sagar provides an extensive range of steel products that cater to various construction and fabrication requirements. Trust in HK-Sagar Shutter Profiles for a seamless, durable, and cost-effective solution that stands the test of time.

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